“You can leave your boots on” – SPORT 2000 launches its Bootfitting campaign for the new ski season

Bootfitting individually adjusts ski boots to be so comfortable that people won’t even want to take them off anymore | Campaign runs from November with radio spots and POS measures

The specialised retail organisation SPORT 2000 International entered the coming winter season headlining their boot fitting campaign. Together with manufacturers Atomic, Fischer and Salomon, SPORT 2000 is now offering customers in all participating SPORT 2000 businesses the possibility of having their ski boots individually adjusted. Under the slogan “you can leave your boots on” SPORT 2000’s bootfitting campaign launches in November to start off the new ski season.

Individually adjusted ski boots for everyone

”Many skiers are familiar with this. Pressure and pinching in the front and rear of the ski boot spoiling the skiing enjoyment. Specially adjusted models now make it possible for hobby athletes to also have the possibility of wearing perfectly fitting ski boots. The customer simply comes to one of our bootfitting partners and selects a ski boot of their choosing from the three suppliers. Within 30 minutes the ski boots are individually adjusted to their feet by means of ‘bootfitting’, which offers the highest level of comfort of skiing pleasure,” explained Dieter Schott, Commercial Director of SPORT 2000 International. ”They are so comfortable that people won’t even want to take them off,” said Schott with a wink. In the bootfitting process the ski boots are heated in an oven to 80-110 C°. This makes the material soft and flexible and thus ready for the adjustment. The customer slips on the boots while they are still warm. A gaiter is wrapped around the ski boot, which is inflated with compressed air. External cooling elements are also affixed. Through the pressure on the outer shell with the foot in the inner boot the inner and outer boot are perfectly adjusted to the customer’s foot. After it cools down the customer can immediately take the boot with him. ”In the past bespoke boots were only affordable for professional skiers and VIP customers. These are currently available from around 300 euros,” emphasised Schott.

Radio spots and POS measures

The campaign will be presented with eye-catching subjects at the POS as well as regional poster placements on the sites of 150 participating dealers in Austria and Germany. National advertising measures, including a radio campaign via RMS on Ö3 and FM4, together with Atomic and Salomon, will also draw attention to the topic of individually adjustable ski boots. The campaign was developed by the advertising agency Createam.

SPORT 2000 International

SPORT 2000 International is Europe’s second largest purchasing cooperation of independent sports retailers with 3,671 businesses in 23 countries and a total revenue of over 5.83 billion euros. The sports retailer has over 35,000 employees.