The SPORT 2000 “Green&Fair” initiative makes sustainability visible for outdoor product consumers

“Please wear Green&Fair” is the SPORT 2000 International sustainability campaign slogan. The initiative will be launched in autumn 2015 together with leading outdoor brands and the environmental watchdog label bluesign®.

The buying group SPORT 2000 International is to launch a sustainability initiative in the European sports retail trade with its new “Green&Fair” initiative. The ground-breaking campaign will start in six countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Denmark and Norway) with the slogan “Please wear Green&Fair” in autumn 2015. The new line will ensure a high consumer profile at first glance for sustainably and environmentally friendly produced outdoor products. SPORT 2000 International is the first buying group to cooperate with the established environmental watchdog label bluesign® in this initiative. The Swiss based certification company evaluates and optimises production processes in the textile-finishing sector. The main focus of this work is minimising exploitation of people and the environment and optimising resources efficiency through the entire textile production chain.

Dedicated “Green&Fair” POS areas for sustainable products

Numerous top brands are already bluesign technologies partners and produce environmentally friendly outdoor clothing. “Many sports enthusiast who enjoy an active outdoor life are also eager to do something for nature in return. They actively search out environmentally friendly and sustainably manufactured products. Products manufactured under the stringent bluesign-standard are currently hard to find and still have a low profile for the consumer in many shops. The “Green&Fair” communications umbrella assures instant customer recognition for responsibly produced outdoor clothing. It takes the recognised standards and brands into account, and guides the customer straight to more sustainable products”, Commercial Director of SPORT 2000 International Dieter Schott explained.

The “Green&Fair” campaign aims to draw consumer attention to sustainability in a conscious, positive and emotionalising way. In addition to visualising sustainable products at the POS (using soft-shop concepts, brochures and displays) this green thrust also uses classical advertising activities, in the scope of which special attention will be drawn to all the participating outdoor brands.

SPORT 2000 International

SPORT 2000 International is the second largest purchasing cooperation for sports dealers Europe-wide with 3,671 retail outlets in 25 countries and a total turnover in excess of 5.83 billion euros. The sports retailing company employs more than 35,000 people.

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